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(Attention: Requests For Returns, Exchanges-Or-Refunds Must-Be-Made/Within 7-days Of-Receiving-Your-Order.)

(If You Need To Return, Exchange-Or-Refund Your Order, Please Read The Following Instructions Below Carefully!)


  • Received Damaged Product..
    Received Wrong Product Ordered/This Does Not Include Any & All-Color-Variations In The Product Design That You Ordered..
    Received Wrong Product Size..

    A Change In Size.

    It happens that you make a mistake. We are all human right? Please insert a note that states which size you would like and we will send you the correct size,in exchange for your returned item back..

  • You Received The-Wrong-Item-Ordered.

    Like we said; We are all human right? Although we double check everything, it can happen that we send you the wrong item. No worries, please send a photo of the incorrect item they received to: and one of the team will follow it up for you.

  • You Received A Damaged/Faulty-Item.

    Although quality is one of our top priorities, it can happen that a damaged item is sent out by mistake. In this case you do not need to return the item. You can keep it, maybe sew it yourself, use it as a rag or throw/give it away. The only thing we need you to do is send us a support email ( stating your order number and please include a photo of the damaged good. If we can see in the photo it is damaged, we will send you a new item 100% free of charge ASAP

  • If you meet the above criteria please shoot us an email to

    Also we would love it if you could tell us the reason why you are returning your item for a refund. We strive to get you the best quality possible, so we'd love to learn from your experience to even up our quality some more.                                            

**(WE-DO-NOT-ACCEPT-RETURNS-OR-EXCHANGES-FOR-ANY-OF-THE-FOLLOWING-REASONS!!)**                                        1.)The Item Is The Wrong-Color-Or-Tint / That Would Include Any & All-Color-Variations In The Products Color Design That You Ordered/And That Would Appear Different From Our Web-Stores Pictured Items..                                         2.)A Refund/Return because you "Changed Your Mind". We print on demand and therefore We Cannot Accept     Returns with that inquiry.                                                                                                                                                               3.) The Items Are Not Made In The U.S.A. / Example-China                                                                                                     4.) The Items Are Not Made-Or-Up To Your Own Personal Quality Standards..                                                                       5.) The Items That Are All-On-Sale /No Refunds For Any On-Sale-Items>Period...                                                                 6.) Do Not Like The Items Material Or Fabric Or What It Is Made Of/How Thin That The Items Material/Fabric Is..     7.) The Items Are Not Officially-Licensed-Apparel/Some Apparel Items On Our Web-Store Are Not-Officially-Licensed      & Are Knock-Offs/But Are Not Listed As Such Items Because Of The Items Lower-Discounted-Pricing..                         8.) You've Decided You Do Not Like The Items For What-Ever-Reasons/We-Do-Not Exchange Or Refund-Back Your Purchase-Price/Because You-Do-Not-Like Your Ordered Items Or How They May Look After Receiving Them..                 9.) That You Have Changed Your Mind And Want To Cancel Your Orders/Sometime After Your Ordered Items Were Already Processed & Shipped Out To You,It Is To Late And Impossible For Us Here To Stop Your Ordered Items Once That They Have Been Shipped Out To Your Address,You Must Then Send Them Back TO Us At Your Expense/We Don't Pay For Shipping Twice,To You And Then Back To Us Again Because You Changed Your Mind & Want To Cancel Your Orders Half Way Through The Shipping Process Period...

  • The item(s) have been Worn or Washed
  • The item(s) have been Altered in any Way
  • The item(s) are in any way Defective from the Original and New-Sellable-condition unless the condition is our fault
  • The item(s) do not have the Original Tags on Them
  • The item(s) Are An-On-Sale-Item / No-Refunds-Period!!                                                                                                                                                         The Item(s) Are Not Made In The U.S.A. 

All-Returned-Items must be unworn and unwashed (Free-Of-Any-Damage & Stains From Makeup, Deodorant,Sweat Or Wear) with all  Product Tags Attached...Any Further Questions About Our Return and Refund Policy? Please Send us an E-mail at ( Or Please Call Us With Your Return Or Exchange Request At: #570-916-4479 / Also Please-Fill-Out & Submit The Contact-Form-Below,Thank-You-Kindly..             

You Must Use The Contact-Form-Below To Have Your Return Request Reviewed and Approved by Our Team/Prior to you Sending your Product Back to Us & Please Note>That the Return-Shipping Back-To-Us/Of The-Returned-Item(s) Will Be Paid-For-By-You/The-Customer & Not Us..



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